Canvas prints (Giclee): The word “giclee” is a french word that simply means “to spray”. These prints are made by capturing a high resolution digital photo of the original painting. This image is uploaded to a digital
printing machine that sprays the paint on a canvas line by line matching the colors of the original. These reproductions are on high quality canvas and use high quality ink. They look very much like an original painting and are much more affordable.Because it is on canvas instead of paper:

    1. It looks very much like an orginal. Until you get up close you cannot tell the difference between a giclee and an original
    2. It costs a fraction of the price of an original
    3. It can be hung without framing. The canvas can be stretched in a “gallery mount” which is about a 1 3/4 inch overlap on the sides. The image of the picture is“mirrored” on these sides so none of the image is lost to the viewer.
    4. It can be framed if you desire. If your giclee is framed we stretch it using only about a 3/4” overlap on the sides. This is done so that it easily fits into a frame.
    5. It is much less susceptible to fading. The rating we receive on our giclees extrapolates a 100 year permanence.

OUR GUARANTEE:   All of our Giclee’ are made on the highest quality canvas and coated with very high quality varnish.  This process protects the painting from fading and makes it easy to clean from time to time.  Each Giclee comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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Lithograph prints are reproductions of paintings that are made on paper They are usually printed in large quantity (500 or more). These prints are therefore available only in the sizes they were printed. Lithographs are usually matted and framed under glass. They are much less expensive and an excellent way to collect images of paintings you will love.

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The stretcher bars are not as wide on the edges so that the painting can be framed. These stretcher bar edges are 3/4″ wide…and do not have mirrored edges. They are intended to be framed.

Our most popular option. Unframed canvas keeps the focus on the image for a modern gallery look.

The Image is “cloned” (mirrored) at the edges. To create the cloned borders, we take the outer 2 inches of the image and mirror them to create the area that will wrap around the the stretcher bar.

Gallery wrap is 1 3/4″ wide. It has mirrored image on the edges and can be hung with no frame